Remote Access

In todays fast moving world communication is everything.We can do everything on the go. Internet,Emails,Banking,Facebook, whatever it is we hear about it instantly. Obviousally your security system should be the same. Well with Cuala Security now it is.

We have teamed up with the best names in the security industry and we are proud to say we are the first to offer remote access availability across all our new security systems and upgrades.


The above brands,Siemens, GSD and Risco offer the best remote access apps on the market at the moment. All are available as hybrid systems offering the best of wired and wireless technology. This gives us the flexability to give you the best choice when upgrading or retro fitting a wide range of older systems.

We can show you working demonstrations of these systems and apps in your own home while we carry out a comprehensive survey to recommend the most suitable and cost effective system to meet your needs.


All the above systems come with free apps and free IP connection either via a cloud service or direct connection to your security system. There is no charge to download and use any app and there is no service charges or annual subscriptions.

Beware of some companies charging for every app you want need and wanting to sign you up to annual service charges to connect to your own alarm via your own broadband connection. This is not needed nor required for remote access to any of our systems.

To arrange your survey/demonstration please phone us on 0862691867 or 012148252. Alternatively fill in a quotation request here.


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