Cuala Security Introduces PAL


What is PAL? Its your Personal Alarm Locator.

A Panic alarm that works anywhere.

While many people work alone a secure communications and people finder is
invaluable for all businesses. Security personnel, maintenance and cleaning staff,
vehicle recovery people, doctors, forestry workers, social workers, home care
assistants, and leisure centres are some examples. The postman, the chemist, the
estate agent, the taxi driver, the small shopkeeper and so many more. Every
business may well have some member of staff working alone. And every business
will have its own particular risks to address - accidents and emergencies, illness,
fire, manual handling problems and violence and abuse from members of the

Mountain walking, sailing and fishing are typical
isolation sports where accidents and injuries occur.
Its important that an early alarm is raised and
assistance provided.

The Elderly, the sick,the young .

Many of our elderly live alone. Many have medical conditions. Freedom can be
restricted and family members are often concerned about their well being.
Young children and teenagers are often vulnerable and at risk. A speedy means of
secure communications and location finder can reassure anxious parents.

PAL provides its users with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that if an
accident or an incident occurs help is available at the touch of a button. A
combination of Global Positioning (GPS) and cellular communcations technology
provide a discreet, easy to use, personal alarm that calculates the user's position
within metres.
Critical to any successful outcome is the efficient reaction of fully trained
emergency operatives. PAL is an all encompassing communication system. It
connects instantly to our Monitoring Centre where our staff can see on their
digitial mapping systems where the incident is occuring. In life critical situations live
sound is transmitted to allow the user describe the threat or assistance required.
Reassurance is provided and all agreed procedures followed – all the way to
incident close.







PAL is designed for anyone.

Working alone at night? Making bank lodgements. Collecting cash? Making deliveries? The possibilities are endless.

PAL is matched to an account and not to a person or location. That way your company can cut costs by sharing the one unit with multiple users. Maybe different prople lock up late on different nights. Maybe different people do bank runs at different times of the day. Just bring PAL with you & your never alone. With all in monthly costs from €30 per month can you afford to be without? Thats 50% of the average mobile phone bill. Its less than what most people spend on pre pay phone charges every month.

For a free demonstration anywhere call us on 012148252 or 0862691867.

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