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CCTV systems have changed dramatically in recent times. Once only seen on the homes of the rich & famous or on large commercial propertys, now these sofisticated systems are a common sight on regular domestic homes. Security cameras come in all shapes & sizes from large external cameras in housing as seen outside shops & garages to small discreet units or even hidden covert systems. Lets start with a domestic situation

Cuala Security can install anything from a single camera connected to your TV & recorder to a professional home system recording multiple cameras and viewable on any PC or any TV in your home. Most homes now have a wirless computer network so imagine opening a laptop anywhere in your home & being able to view or playback all of your cameras. Because it is already on your computer network , all that is needed is some miror changes in your network settings and your cameras can be viewed on any PC with an internet connection. These are basic systems designed for the home market and are affordable to everyone. To arrange a free home survey quotation please contact us You can also request a call from one of our representitives on our forums here

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CCTV for Business

Cuala security specialises in CCTV solutions for the commercial and industrial market. In this sector the possible applications are endless.

Remember commercially CCTV is protecting you in many ways. Obviousally it is protecting you against theft & attack. But it also protect you and your staff from fradualant claims against you. If you employ security staff they need to be 100% certin before accusing somebody of stealing. In over 50% of sighted thefts by security staff they don't react because they are not positive. Maybe the person put something back. What it we stop them & they have done nothing wrong. That can cost your business financially and also damage your reputation. Wany 100% certinity ? thats what a professional CCTV can give you. Is watching your staff important. Cuala Security can install covert cameras on your premises. Even if you CCTV monitor is visible to your staff the covert cameras will not show unless you authorise them to. Our engineers can also be compleatly discreet when installing systems like this. All our systems can give you remote access to view your establishment from any location with internet access. If you want multiple locations protected we can supply you with the software to view cameras from different locations on a single screen using simple drag & drop PC controls.

All o ur CCTV systems can be set up for remote monitoring via a central station. More information on that can be found here.

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