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On the 27th July 2011 Astec Ltd. was aquired by HKC. Subsequently the manufacture of all Astec products has ceased. HKC has liquidated Astec Ltd. While it is now difficult to source parts for these systems,we can adapt most detection devices to work with Astec systems. We can also upgrade control panels, keypads ,internal & external bells that can be used with your existing Astec detection devices. Faults on any of these devices no longer require a complete system replacement.

Due to the 2 wire configuration of the Astec system some rewiring may be needed to facilitate a conventional wired system.We can also facilitate the addition of wireless devices to Astec devices with a panel upgrade. Dont be sold a complete new system you don't need. Astec devices can be incorporated into a newer system.

Contact us before you replace everything on bad advice.

For further information please call us on 012148252 or 0862691867

PSA Licence 00375

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