There are many levels to acces control. From a simple audio intercom on you house or apartment to a multiple level control system where every point can be accessed or denied to all or any users depending on status, time of day or date, including remote control by security guards from a central point or by a controller in a central station in conjunction with a monitored CCTV system.

What ever your requirements Cuala Security can tailor a system to suit your needs & budget.

Below are some examples of applications for our customers.

Lifestyle Sports

Cuala Security services & maintains a comprehensive access control system at Lifestyle Sports Head Office located in Santry, Dublin. Quite a few offices and a large number of staff within the complex demanded increased security to the entire site coupled with flexibility to grant or restrict access to individual offices. The system was designed with Access Control Technology's ACT1000 door controllers that control over twenty access points. Moreover the security system is connected to computer networks using ACTWins software to make the application accessible to any person who has been asigned acces privledges, irrespective of the company's networked location.

chapelgate Keenan Property Management Chapel Gate Complex Druncondra

Cuala Security designed Installed & maintains a comprehensive access control system on this site. There are 5 main entrances , 2 main vehicle entrances and 3 pedestrian gates. Inside the devolopment there 11 entrances to various apartment blocks as well as 3 controlled doors in the basement car parks. The site initially needed to be divided into 2 groups of initial access points, The main site or the convent. After this access is further determined by apartment number and which block doors an indivual requires access to.

The whole system incorporates 3 seperate systems interfaced with each other to operate seamlessly.

The voice intercom system is controlled by a multi point multi phone digital Urmet system consisting of 11 doorstations to all apartments. Entry / exit to and from all points can be granted via these intercom phones. In turn access trough all points is also controlled via a series of ACT 1000 door controllers . Each controller can grant or deny access to any number of users. Each controller also logs time & date of all users movements. Finally integrated into this is the remote transmitters for the main gates. The recievers for these also interface with the ACT1000 controllers giving the same versatility as the key fobs to access or deny any user from any point.

Control Children's Access ............................................................................................................... finger print recognition

Birmetric readers were once the imagination of science fiction writers and James Bond and the likes. Not any more these items like finger print and iris recognition are now common place even in the residential sector.

Here is an interesting application for biometric access control .

Because this application refers to a private home we can only describe in general terms.

A customer requested that he wanted to secure a certain area of him home so only he or his wife had access. If any other member of the family required access he or his wife had to be present. How can this be achived? A key can be found A code can be found out.

How can you say with 100 % certainty that no one would have access without them being present? The answer fingerprint recognition.

With out that fingerprint being read the location remains secure.


These items are now within everyones budget.

For a free site survey or more information on Cuala Security Access Control System please Contact our sales team.


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